Professor Stork

Picture Books Bring People Closer Together

Through their experiences and imaginations (and a whole lot of hard work) artists, illustrators, and children’s book authors, each, in their own way, tell the story of their unique culture. They tell the story of how all people, regardless of their community, upbringing, and heritage share the same hopes and dreams.

Children’s books make it exciting to learn about how people from around the globe live their day to day lives, and how their lives both differ and are similar from ours. Children’s books are comforting as they teach children that people of the various cultures around the world are more alike than different.

Picture books are inclusive of all cultures and nationalities. They are uniquely suited to bring creative minds from around the world into the homes and classrooms of young children everywhere, sparking their imaginations, and teaching them about the “rest of the world.” The end result is globally aware children who become comfortable with all the people they share this planet with – As Lennon said, “Imagine all the people sharing all the world.”

– Professor Stork