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Starting A Family Book Club
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How 30 Minutes A Month Can Have A Profoundly Positive Impact On Your Family
Professor Stork is passionately dedicated to the journey of nurturing young minds. A cornerstone of his mission is to magnify the pivotal role of reading, not only as an enlightening tool for learning but as a means to cultivate social, emotional, and intellectual maturity. To ignite this adventure, the Professor is inviting you to create your own Family Book Club, supported by his experience, knowledge, and resources every step of the way.
Starting Your Own Family Book Club will Unlock a World Of Incredible Benefits For You And Your Children

Family Book Clubs cultivate a spirit of discovery in your little ones, encouraging them to navigate through diverse narratives, themes, and literary styles. More than just an educational endeavor, it’s a gateway to constructing cherished family memories, knitting an enduring tapestry of bonds that thrive on positivity and shared experiences. Lastly, nurturing a love for reading at an early age doesn’t just promote intellectual growth; it seeds the blossoming of a lifelong love with the written word, a treasure that transcends time.

How Professor Stork Will Help You
By signing up for Professor Stork’s Family Book Club guide, each month you will receive an email from Professor Stork that includes:
1. Four book recommendations. Two are intended for children aged 3 to 6, and two others appropriate for children aged 6 to 9.
  • First, let your child make the choice of which book to read.
  • Once a book is selected, every member of your Family Book Club – whether it’s just you and your child, or includes multiple caregivers and children – will read the book.
  • Finally, at your regularly scheduled 30-minute monthly book club meeting, all readers will get together to discuss the book.

2. To ensure successful meetings, Professor Stork will also provide, in your monthly email, a series of questions and talking points for each book, designed to be conversation-starters to engage your family and children in thought-provoking discussions.

Signing up and getting your own Family Book Club started is quick and easy! With Professor Stork’s support, your Family Book Club is likely to become one of the most cherished experiences you share with your children – and family – each month!

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