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Professor Stork embarked on a mission to offer inspiring tales for young minds to the world.

A collection written by author Professor Stork to do much more than just entertain; it would ignite excitement, nurture a sense of purpose, and impart valuable leadership skills, all while encouraging children to discover their unique abilities and celebrate diversity… Finding inspiration on every page.

It’s Here! An Extraordinarily Enchanted Birthday (Meet the Artist)
In An Extraordinarily Enchanted Birthday, the first children’s picture book in the Meet the Artists series, Professor Stork gifts children with colorful, imaginative paintings of wonderful animals by North Carolina artist Patricia Wilson. The Professor believes one great way for children to learn about cultures and lifestyles is to view them through the eyes of working artists.
My daughter loves this book. The illustrations are amazing and she loves getting to read about the animals she calls friends. Such a great read to help build imagination and a love for art!
– J. M. Jones, Elementary Teacher
Available Now! Silas, The Grue & a Didgeridoo!
Silas proudly paints his name on the living room wall in a bright red color and shows it off proudly to one and to all. Not surprisingly his mom isn’t all that happy and sends him to the corner to think about what he did. Then, the adventure of a lifetime begins…
Everyone loves a story where a kid turns the tables on his or her parents in a way that is fun and respectful. This book does that in spades. You’ll love every page of the adventure Silas takes you on as the corner of his room becomes magical.
My daughter loves this book. The illustrations are amazing and she loves getting to read about the animals she calls friends. Such a great read to help build imagination and a love for art!
– J. M. Jones, Elementary Teacher
Professor Stork book Penelope & Jack
Available Now! Penelope and Jack, Together Apart
A 5-star must-read book about the power of kindness and friendship. Penelope and Jack, Together Apart is a story your children will love, with a message you will cherish.
While social distancing in his family’s ‘above the clouds’ apartment, Jack develops a close ‘balcony’ friendship with Penelope. Communicating across the empty space between their balconies, Jack and Penelope show us that even in difficult times human connection and kindness prevail.
My 6-year-old grandson and I read this book 3 times and loved it. He was enthralled by the story and connected with Jack’s cool and clever way to find a new friend. The book also created an opportunity for a deeper conversation about the pandemic. Since it ends with hope and positivity, it’s a great learning tool.

– Dan S., Elementary teacher

Available Now! The Legend of the Summer Snowflake
Plastic in the ocean is no problem for the Sky Watch team of cloud heroes!
In The Legend of the Summer Snowflake – the first book in the Sky Watch series – the amazing team of cloud heroes saves a baby dolphin stuck in a floating plastic patch and keeps others safe from the debris.
The Legend of the Summer Snowflake delivers a powerful and positive message for children about environmental challenges facing the planet we live on, and how by working together those challenges might be overcome.
Sometimes a short picture book can teach more about a subject than a week in the library. That is the case here. Plastic in the ocean is a big deal and this book captures the essence with great characters and a clear message. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
– Dorothy L., Children’s librarian
Professor Stork Mila on Purpose
Available Now! Mila on Purpose #GrowYourCircle
There is a new kind of superhero coming to middle-grade books. Her name is Mila. Her superpower is PURPOSE. She is changing the world, one new friend at a time. Learn how making a new friend who doesn’t look like you can be the first step in creating a friendlier world for everyone.
#GrowYourCircle is a trailblazing comic novel for children 6 – 11, their parents, and teachers. The book nurtures children’s innate sense of purpose and helps build strong, positive leadership skills.
The purpose is powerful. Mila is a young girl with purpose. She also listens and pays attention to her wise advisers, like her mother and father. Through everyday actions imbued with kindness and consideration, Mila fosters positive change in her community and across the globe.
– Conrad J. Storad, author
Professor Stork Book Silas Hears the Hippo Call
Spring 2023, Silas Hears the Hippo Call
Join Silas, a rambunctious eight-year-old, when he visits the local zoo. He loves to watch and interact with all the animals, but when he runs past the hippopotamus without even looking her way, Mortitia is quite insulted and lets Silas know it.

Through beautifully written rhyming dialogue Silas and Mortitia overcome their differences and become great friends. The book shares a strong message of caring and friendship.

Professor Stork Silas Hears the Hippo Call
When Silas’s trip to the zoo is interrupted by Mortitia the hippo, a conversation about friendship follows. My son loved the book and made me promise to take him to the zoo next weekend. I’m sure he’s expecting the animals to talk to him.
– Moorie P., Elementary teacher
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