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N.M. Rosen embraces his astrological identity. As a Gemini he writes award-winning and best-selling illustrated picture books and graphic novels for children as Professor Stork.

N.M. writes adult books on parenting and education as well as nonfiction children’s illustrated books under his given name. Prior to the soon to be released Rediscovering the Village, Classic strategies to help children discover a lifelong love of leaning, he authored two previous books for adults, a business book and “Open Your Heart with Writing.”

N.M. holds advanced degrees in Education and Psychology. His background includes years of teaching public elementary school, followed by serving as the CEO of National School Reporting Services, Neil has a well-rounded background in both educational best practices and leadership.

As Professor Stork, N. M’s acclaimed self-published children’s books include “Mila on Purpose,” “Penelope & Jack,” “Together Apart,” and “The Extraordinarily Enchanted Birthday.” He actively engages with teachers, parents, and caregivers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. N.M. also founded the Family Book Club and authors the popular blog “Stork Talk.”

As a recognized expert in parenting and education, N.M. frequently appears as a guest on education and parenting focused podcasts.


Classic Strategies To Help Children Develop A Lifelong Love Of Learning

In the late 1960s, two dynamic teachers, Neil Rosen and Gail Simpson, set out on a decades long journey to understand why a small percentage of children maintain a love for learning throughout their school years and beyond, while many lose interest in school at an early stage.

Rosen and Simpson’s timing was perfect. During the 1960s and 70s, the United States had one of the most well-educated youth populations worldwide. This was largely thanks to the collective efforts of educators, families, and communities to offer high-quality education to their children. The methods devised by Rosen and Simpson, were used successfully with dozens of families at the time. Today they remain as relevant and groundbreaking for modern-day parents and caregivers as they were decades ago.

Rediscovering the Village was compiled all those years ago and is now being offered to the public for the first time. Today, the need for families to rediscover how a village can accomplish what individuals alone cannot is greater than ever.


N. M. Rosen, using the pen name Professor Stork, has authored nearly a dozen books for children and pre-teens, spanning picture books to graphic novels. His captivating narratives have resonated with young readers, igniting a passion for reading and discovery. Through his writing and entrepreneurial endeavors, N. M. Rosen demonstrates a strong dedication to empowering children to achieve their utmost capabilities.

Open Your Heart with Writing

Open Your Heart with Writing is an enchanting literary treasure that beckons readers to explore the profound joys and transformative power of the written word. Neil invites readers to embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery and creative exploration. By weaving personal anecdotes, thought-provoking insights, and practical exercises, he gently guides aspiring writers and seasoned wordsmiths alike towards a profound appreciation of the liberating essence of writing for its own sake.
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