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Two nine-year-old girls help save mammals who are in danger of starving, a lemonade stand supports pediatric cancer research, and a nine-year-old boy distributes blessing bags to homeless children on the streets of Chicago.
What these children have in common is a desire to make the world a better place and the confidence that they don’t need to wait until they’re older to do so.
Professor Stork is on a mission to write books that help children build and nurture self-worth, creativity, compassion, leadership skills, and a sense of purpose.
The Professor believes that children are catalysts for positive change, and that reading is a way for them to begin the journey leading to a fulfilling, purposeful life.
The question everyone asks is, Who is Professor Stork?
The professor is on a mission to write children’s books that help change the world for the better, books that make the world a friendlier place, books that empower children to make a difference. The Professor believes children will lead the charge to a world of truth, caring, and growth of the human spirit.
Children are driven to learn how they can make a difference. They understand what it means to have a sense of purpose. The tools we give them during their formative years last a lifetime, and when the time is right they will know how to make a positive difference in the world.
Do you know Professor Stork?
  • A person who believes adults have lost their way and children will light the path home.
  • A person who believes that friendship, locally and globally, paves the way to peace
  • A person who believes in the power of children’s books
Does Professor Stork live in your community? Does the Professor teach in your schools? Does the Professor have a positive impact on your children?
Who is Professor Stork?
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An Extraordinarily Enchanted Birthday
Viewing the world through the eyes of working artists is a wonderful way for children to learn that people of all backgrounds and nationalities are more alike than different.
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