Professor Stork

Professor Stork Books Sell Sheets

Professor Stork created sell sheets that highlight the key features and selling points of each book. These sell sheets provide a quick overview of the book’s plot, target audience, and any accolades it has received, as well as quotes from reviewers and information on how to order the book.
Penelope and Jack, Together Apart Sell Sheet
First came Penelope and Jack, a 5 Star must-read book about the power of kindness and friendship.
Skywatch: The Legend of the summer snowflake Sell Sheet
Coming May 15th: Plastic in the ocean is no problem for the Sky Watch team of cloud heroes.
Silas and his cat are in the corner of his room, thinking about his actions, which his mother says can sometimes be a lot to handle. This time, he went too far.
Mila on Purpose #Growyourcircle Sell Sheet
There is a new kind of superhero coming tomiddle-grade books. Her name is Mila. Her superpower is PURPOSE. She is changing the world, one new friend at a time.
An Extraordinarily Enchanted Birthday Sell Sheet
An Extraordinarily Enchanted Birthday aims to awaken cultural appreciation in children through the lenses of artists.
Mila On Purpose: #FindCommonGround Sell Sheet
Mila and Lettie are both running for Class President, with very different ideas about how to lead their class.
Sky Watch: Trouble on Ms. Mudd’s Mountain Sell Sheet
It’s up to Scout, Claudia, and the rest of the Sky Watch Team to protect endangered spotted turtles, rescue a passenger train, and stop a strip-mining company from destroying trees in a mountain plateau.
Mila On Purpose: #ThankATree Sell Sheet
In #ThankATree, we see Mila’s strong sense of purpose rub off on her best friend, Lettie. As a result of learning how trees support all life on Earth in school, Lettie tells Mila she is on a mission to spread the word — together the girls work to spread knowledge about the environment.
Rediscovering The Village Sell Sheet
Rediscovering The Village is a timeless tool that will help today’s parents conquer many challenges that face them.
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