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Classic Strategies To Help Children Develop A Lifelong Love Of Learning
Have you found yourself in need of some parenting help? Brace yourself for a transformative journey with Neil Rosen and Gail Simpson’s soon-to-be-published book, Rediscovering the Village: Classic Strategies to Help Children Develop a Lifelong Love of Learning. This forthcoming book is meticulously tailored toward parents and caregivers who are in need of authentic and effective parenting help.

The heart of this book is to enhance relationships between parents or caregivers and their children’s school as well as teachers, cementing a robust collaboration that is vital for children’s holistic growth. Moreover, it aims to provide a wellspring of practical strategies and insights that will aid in shaping a dynamic, engaging, and time-efficient home learning environment.

A Timeless Guide for Modern Parents

This invaluable resource was originally written over half a century ago, and has been updated by co-authors Gail Simpson and Neil Rosen for the 21st century. Rediscovering the Village maintains its core message inspired by the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. This timeless book is packed with practical tools, tips, and strategies to help today’s parents face the challenges of creating a positive and productive home-learning environment for their children.

Rediscovering the Village Highlights

Classic Strategies To Help Children Develop A Lifelong Love Of Learning
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