Professor Stork

Silas, The Grue & a Didgeridoo

Join Silas for a wonderful adventure in Silas, The Grue, & A Didgeridoo, a ridiculously delightful picture book that follows young Silas on a journey of the imagination. Silas makes a creative mistake by painting his name on the living room wall. He’s sent to think about his choice in a corner of the room, but his time in the corner doesn’t go as you might imagine.

Meet Silas and His Friends

According to his mother, Silas can certainly be a handful, but this time he went too far. Now Silas, and his close companion the cat, are standing in the corner of his room to “mull” what he did. Will Silas actually learn his lesson standing in the corner, or will he turn it into an incredible fantasy every child (and parent) will love. The Professor’s rhyming fantasy and Peralta’s quirky illustrations bring Silas’s adventure to life in ways few writers and illustrators ever accomplish.

Silas, The Grue and a Didgeridoo takes me back to the wonderful rhyming books I read as a child, and of course my 3rd grade class loved it when Silas turned the table on his mother. It’s a romp.”

Mary Jones, elementary teacher, Portland, Or.
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