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Evy Loe, What Do You Know

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Evy Loe, What Do You Know? is the first book in the “Meet the Artist” series. Each picture book in this series showcases the works of a brilliant contemporary artist, a wonderful story by Professor Stork, and a magical illustrator who ties it all together. When Evy Loe’s dad takes her to an art gallery she’s given a pair of magic glasses and the paintings come to life. This city girl learns has a great adventure as she learns what life is like on a farm.
“Evy Loe, What Do You Know? is a great new book about a magical visit to the art gallery by a little girl and her Dad. When Evy Loe puts on a pair of special glasses the paintings come to life. Each brilliantly colored animal in the artwork by Patricia Wilson has a lesson for Evy Loe. The story by Professor Stork and fun illustrations by Len Peralta make a wonderfully imaginative read for young children.”
“I love the whole idea of exposing children to artists and their work; also the interesting facts about animals, which always appeal to kids. A little girl and her Dad exploring an art gallery with the imagination glasses….and thinking about the “colorful energy” of the artwork…so much fun. “Each person sees their own stories in these pictures”, according to Patricia, which is so true and why art is such a treasure for all of us. Well done, who’s the next artist?”

– Jan Antonucci Elementary teacher, Somers, NY
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