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Great Books On Inclusion For Kids

As children grow up and start to explore the world beyond their caregivers, they encounter a new set of influencers that shape their worldview. Friends, artists, entertainers, sports icons, internet celebrities, and authors all play a role in shaping the way children see the world. Among these influencers, books have a unique ability to connect with children on a deeper level and help promote inclusivity and acceptance.

In particular, great books on inclusion for kids can be powerful tools for helping children understand and appreciate people and experiences that may be different from their own. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of great children’s books on inclusivity that parents can recommend to their kids.

One of our top picks is “All Are Welcome” by Alexandra Penfold, a terrific picture book that celebrates diversity and encourages inclusion within a school community. The story features children of different backgrounds coming together to learn, play, and support each other.

Llama Llama Time to Share, by Anna Dewdney is a popular children’s book that teaches the value of sharing and working together. The story features Llama, who learns how to navigate social situations and build friendships while dealing with conflict and jealousy.

I Am Enough by Grace Byers is an empowering book that inspires children to love themselves, build confidence, and celebrate their individuality. It encourages readers to be kind to themselves and others, while spreading the message that everyone is deserving of respect and love.

My book, Mila On Purpose, #GROWYOURCIRCLE, helps children build and nurture self-worth, creativity, compassion, leadership skills, and a sense of purpose. I believe children are catalysts for positive change, and that reading is one of the best ways for them to begin the journey leading to a fulfilling, purposeful life.

In short, the impact of great books on inclusion for kids cannot be overstated. Books shape who children become by exposing them to new ideas, perspectives and experiences, and by helping them develop important cognitive and social skills. Parents, teachers and caregivers should encourage children to read widely and help them choose books that challenge and inspire them.

Professor Stork has also started a community and a movement dedicated to teaching children about purpose, empathy, and leadership through children’s books. By joining Professor Stork’s community, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, including tips on how to inspire your child’s creativity, how to cultivate empathy and compassion, and how to foster leadership skills in children. You’ll also have access to a vibrant community of like-minded parents, educators, and caregivers who are passionate about using children’s books to shape young minds and make a positive impact on the world. So why not join the movement today and help inspire the next generation of young leaders?


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